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Flexx Nutrition Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to help people achieve their health and fitness goals, whether you are a busy professional, a single parent, an aspiring entrepreneur lacking time to meal prep, a teenager trying to improve his or her appearance and body composition, a fitness or professional athlete trying to stay lean and fit for competition, but most importantly we are here to help people get healthy again by reducing the risk of chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease and many other diseases that come hand in hand with insulin resistance and a lifetime of excessive amount of carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Super Shred program is designed to help people lose weight fast and effective with only about 20 carbohydrates per meal. Increasing insulin sensitivity with the perfect amount of carbs but still enough to keep you full and satisfied without spiking your insulin and risking weight gain. 

Our Flexx Subscription program allows you to automatically put your weekly order in so you never miss a meal again. Each week you can change the meals & quantity if you wish or keep them the same until you decided otherwise WHILE also getting discounted price. You may Cancel anytime after your third order.

We serve 6 oz of premium lean protein in each meals containing 36g to 45g of protein per meal.

Your body can only process so much protein at once and we strongly believe 6 oz is the right amount without getting digestive issues and improving metabolism.

We would advise to start with 2 meals per day and get a variety of meals so you know what's your favorite. Once you know what your favorites are, we would advise to get 3 meals per day and replace your snacks with a meal. This way there is less variables in your diet and see more consistent results.

If you're interested we can provide a more detailed plan for you, email or Text/Call us at 317.691.7956 to set a time to talk about a plan.

We are a family owned business growing that believes in bringing you a affordable meal prep service without breaking the bank, with over 10 years in experience researching to find the best ingredients with the lowest calories and highest nutrient content to deliver tangible results. Our ingredients and our lean protein cuts are by far the best and freshest you will receive. Our food is inspected, weighted and packed by our quality portion control staff to make sure food has the right amount of content to fit your needs.

Our meals are made with our traditional Central American spice that you will not get anywhere else. We have American, Salvadorian, Colombian and Mexican spice in the kitchen so if you like Latin food you will love our food.

If you are not home for delivery please set a cooler outside with ice for us to place food inside and keep it safe and cold

Pick up window is Sundays between 2pm and 6pm or Monday 9am-2pm AT FLEXX STORE

We deliver to Hamilton county and Marion county only. If you are outside 465 please contact us at 317.691.7956  to double check if your location applies or set a pick up location that helps both parties 

Delivery is $10.99 flat fee to Hamilton county and Marion county. Please note your driver will be coming from Flexx Nutrition store, so if you are a bit further we ENCOURAGE TO TIP YOUR DRIVER  as you see appropriate. You can zelle/Apple Pay them directlyorVenmo them to @FLEXXTIPS 

For liability reasons Food is warranted for 3-4 days while refrigerated but in reality it should last the whole week without a problem. Meals can be put in the freezer in intended to eat them in the next couple weeks.

Just place your meal prep in the microwave for 2:00 mins and and let sit for a minute. If your meal is frozen please allow thawing for 24 hours in your refrigerator before use and reheating for best taste.

Orders must be placed by Thursday at 7:30pm . Late orders will be processed for the following week.

We encourage you to please recycle them or donate them.

You will see and feel a result in the first week and second week (2 meals per day at least). We advise to commit to 2 months if you want to see a significant body transformation.  

100%. We actually advise teenagers to use Flexx meals to supply their bodies with the right amount of protein, micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients to develop their bones muscles and growth.

Absolutely, as we get older and older it is more difficult to preserve muscle and we need more protein to sustain strong muscles and bones. Keeping a low carb diet with high protein and healthy fats reduces the risk of diabetes.